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Updated March 29, 2017

Sometimes School is an inevitable part of life. These pictures illustrate some of the things you deal with when gettin edumacted!

School Holidays are Gone

This is how it feels by the last day of the holiday. You never want it to come to and end, but once it does it feels like it was never there.

Back to School Losing Memory

This is sometimes how you feel after being out of school for a while. You feel like you don't remember anything, but maybe because of what you did over the summer.

First Day of School Memes

Here is another meme about the first day of school. This is how you know the class will be easy.

Friday vs. Monday in School

Friday is the easiest day in school, or work. Especially school, and sitting through boring classes. Monday, on the other hand, is the longest day.

Only Answer is Your Name

This scenario here is a rare occurence. It is pretty sad if you only know your name, but hopefully the teacher awards points for that.

Someone Reminds Teacher About Homework

This is a moral dilemna right here. What happens if you remind the teacher about the homework she forgot? Who is really to blame.

School Starts Lonely Person

If you are lonely going back to school can be a nice change of pace, but don't count on it forever. Eventually ya gotta fail or graduate. Sometimes raising the white flag means snorting the white powder. White like this guys face.

Nobody Has Time For Summer School Meme

Last but not least we have a classic. The hilarious aint nobody got time for dat is truly true for summer school. Then again you never had time in the first place, and thats why you are in summer school.

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