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Dank Supply of Mexican Memes

February 26, 2017

Mexicans and Mexican Memes are funny. Really all races and forms are, but some of these like mexican word of the day are priceless!

Chicken Wing Mexican Word of the Day

I hope chicken wing some money, maybe then we can buy some actual chicken wings. This has been your mexican word of the day.

Trump Builds Food Wall Mexican

I would never build a wall around this food, damn it looks delicious. Trump might be racist, but he can't deny the extravagance of mexican quisine.

Plays Uno Steals Green Cards

This Funny Mexican Meme may be offensive, but hey it is clever. Those green cards sure are valuable, much harder to steal in real life though.

Found Jesus He Stabbed Me

I found jesus, unfortunatley he stabbed me. Hopefully he heals me soon.

Mexican Meme 50 Pesos

I always knew that things were different in Mexico. This is apparently their rendition of the popular rap artist "50 Cent".

Mexican Problems

The reason for this is simple: Because everybody in the entire world loves tacos.

Pulled Over Mexican Liscense Plate

This is how I feel anytime I get pulled over. Please just look at that other guy let me go!

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