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updated April 23, 2017

Some of these love memes might not be funny, but they are very relateable. Try not to tear up.

Forgot to Kiss You Love Memes

Forgetting to kiss someone is bad, but at least you can go back and get a re-do.

Bad Love Life

Sometimes love isn't exactly a bed of roses for everybody, if you can relate to this keep your chin up buttercut.

I Want You love memes

Aww this one is so cute, and it does describe love pretty well, along with love memes.

Kisses Will Shut Me Up

What a great solution, but if you really need them to shut up maybe there are some issues.

Found Love in Hopeless Place

Not sure what is going on in this pic, but its a good message nevertheless. We found love memes in a hopeless place.

I Met You Life Changed

Aww there is not much to say about this one, so cute. This is what its like to fall in love.

Rose Love Memes

Not a funny meme at all, but I suggest tagging someone you love and sharing it on Facebook.

Wanna Be Last

Why be first when you can be last?

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