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Updated March 27, 2017

This section is dedicated to all the hood, ratchet, and ghetto memes out there. Scroll thru cuz you definitley got time for dat.

Just Take My Weave Off

This is one of the advantages of having fake hair. It can be taken off in times of distress like this one.

Dorquisha the Explorer

Everybody needs their own mascot. This ghetto meme right here shows the hood version of Dora the Explorer.

Ghetto Barbecue

Hey, as long as it cooks right. I hear that is the new "Ratchet Ray" edition and that it uses renewable parts.

Ghetto Memes Spongebob

Like we said, everyone needs a mascot. Spongebob is one of the best memes and mascots, and here is our ghetto version.

Hands are Decent

Girl please, sure those hands can put some work in but we know they still ratchet. Maybe thats why she said decent and not amazing.

Socioeconomic Problems in Hood

The struggle is real, as some would say. Then again who doesn't have problems, in this age and day? Caption is lit fam.

Ghetto Memes Pool

I took him to the pool. The ghetto pool, that is. Ghetto memes are still cool in the ghetto pool.

Gettin Jumped but Have a Gun

Hey, if you gettin jumped you gettin jumped. Better to have protection. However, violence does not beget more violence. On the flipside, dying sucks.

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