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Funny Animal Memes - Cute Critters

updated April 23, 2017

This is my collection of funny animal memes. Animals make us all laugh so much, so enjoy! Keep checking back for more updates.

Birb Meme

That is one heckin cool parrot! At least he keeps it fairly clean. Maybe it used to be a doggo.

Dog Meme Hacker

When it comes to funny animal memes, dog memes are probably one of the most popular. They all want to know who is a good boy.

Dog Lick Butthole

We all know dogs like to do this, but I guess they don't know any better. We still love them.

Cat Funny Animal Memes

Cat Memes were probably the original when it comes to funny animal memes, and are still very popular.

Cat Sniper Pink Mist

This cat is a trained sniper, watch out! No more laser tricks for this guy.

Cat walks Doge

In Soviet Russia, Cat walks YOU.

Funny Animal Memes Stinky Lizard

Im not sure who thought of this but something about it is so funny.

Henlo Stinky Bird

This bird really seems hurt by this, online bullying is real folks!

Doge loves Videogames

This guy must get so many swipe rights on his tinder profile.

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