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Dragon ball Z Memes

April 5, 2017

Dragon Ball Z Memes are awesome because DBZ is awesome, and shaped alot of our youths. Maybe thats good or bad.

Cooler Than You Dragon Ball Z Memes

Are you cooler because you like dragon ball z memes? Yes you are.

Krillin Dies Alot

Its not Krillin's fault he dies alot. Well then again maybe it is. Its ok though in DBZ you get to come back.

DBZ Gym Meme

Who hasn't been inspired to work out because of Dragon ball z.

Goku Yell Louder

This is how to win in Dragonball Z. Yell louder and keep powering up at the same time. Then the bad guy transformed again FUCK.

Frieza Zarbon Gender Concerns

I can agree with this. I really thought Frieza was a female, until finally I realized that when you are a bad guy it doesn't matter what you sound like.

Mr Satan Meme

Dragon ball Z memes come in all shapes and sized. This one is about Mr Satan, who is already a joke anyways.

Vegeta Has No Penis

I gotta call BS on this one. If he has no penis how did Trunks happen? Well then again Bulma is smart. and kinda slutty sometimes.

Yamcha Dies Alot

DBZ can be a violent show. Yamcha is one of those characters who seems to die alot, but at least he has a part to play.

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