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updated April 23, 2017

This is my collection of Donald Trump memes, he is the president but we can still make him into memes!

Trump Memes Coincidence

Im not sure if it is a coincidence or not but it sure is crazy.

Cool Arrow

Im not exactly sure what culero means but pretty sure it has to do with butts.

Deport Trump Syria

Well I dunno if thats a good idea these days after he bombed them but look at this donald trump meme.

Bombed the shit out of them

This one is homemade, but its true. He said he would, but were we ready for the consequences? Trump bomed the shit out of them.

Leaf Blower Hair Dresser

No wonder he hates Mexicans, because he hates the fact that he needs them.

Trump Memes who wore it better

Its hard to say who wore it better, but my money is on the corn because you can eat it.

Orange is the new black

When was he ever black? Maybe that is what the orange is for.

Trump Butter Vision

So many Donald Trump memes revolve around his appearance, but who can blame them.

Wall Cop

I dunno who made this but it is very clever, he could make a good mall cop if he wasn't a billionaire president.

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