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Updated March 27, 2017

This section is dedicated to all the funny asian memes I could find! It may seem racist but we are just laughing at ourselves as a society not each other.

She won't put out on first date

Well, in her defense sometimes it is better to wait until the 2nd or 3rd date. Still, his name is too perfect to not make jokes.

Asian Pregnancy Test

How do you find out is an asian is pregnant? Well its quite simple, you somehow fit a Rubix cube into her Uterus and see if it is solved. If it is only partially solved, Asian Dad is disappointed and has abortion.

Bully Steals Rice

People like to pick on orientals for being smaller, but I know there are millions that could kick my ass. They can still achieve in areas besides academics.

Little Asian Meme

Yes asians really might eat animals. It is quite an unfortunate turn of events. But this one right here is to little! You gotta at least cook it.

Chinese Guy Video Recorder

Yes, if an asian is using a video camera, he is techinally "Phil Ming".

Asian Skips Class to Study

This guy is such a stellar student that he is skipping class to study. Unfortnatley asian dad is not impressed.

Why are my grades so low

Every wondered why your best isn't good enough? Well, when it comes to GPA, the answer is simple. Asian memes.

Asian Dad Ashamed

So whats the deal with asian parents? Well supposedly they are very strict, and take their kid's studies very seriously. Well who can blame them, they just want the best.

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