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Updated March 27, 2017

This section is dedicated to the asian dad meme. This meme is very popular, and paints a picture of a very real pheonomenon, although it might be exagerrated here.

99 is not good enough

I know I would love to bring home some 99s. That is why some asians excel, because even that is not good enough for asian dad.

Doctor Who Doctor You

Asian dad wants to know why baby did not immediatley become doctor before leaving the hospital. Give him some time, I'm sure he will be doin surgery on people like me.

B Plus, Be Homeless

Dang thats pretty harsh, my parents didn't mind if I brought home Bs. Maybe that is the wakeup call the asian kid needs.

C Section Disappoints

There is only one way to redeem yourself if you are asian kid. You become a doctor and rename it "A Section".

Become Doctor Now Asian Dad Meme

This is a great asian dad meme. It truly illustrates the high standards they have for their kids.

Face Book and Study

Thank god facebook was still barely around when I dropped out of school! Asian Dad does not want his son wasting time on it.

Asian Dad is a Hypocrite

I wouldn't be surpised if this is more common than we know. These asian parents might not be such over-achievers themselves.

Why Stung by B

I'm sorry dad, but As don't fly around stinging people. You have to work hard for those.

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