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March 28, 2017

This section is dedicated to the best Anime Memes I could find. Enjoy.

Naruto Memes
Dragon Ball Z Memes

Still Think Anime is For Kids

Well, to be fair anime shows are nothing like kids cartoons. However, it still can cause one to question our maturity.

Death Note Meme

To be fair, I think we have much bigger fish to fry than those teeny songsters. I like the idea though.

Anime Memes First Answer Was Right

This one is very relatable. Its such a good feeling when you end up getting it right, but it seems like this happens alot more often.

Goku Yell Louder

This is how to win in Dragonball Z. Yell louder and keep powering up at the same time. Then the bad guy transformed again FUCK.

Frieza Zarbon Gender Concerns

I can agree with this. I really thought Frieza was a female, until finally I realized that when you are a bad guy it doesn't matter what you sound like.

Still Healthy After Smoking

Don't take his example seriously kids. He is the exception, because he is an anime character. Anime characters don't die from cigarettes, it has to be dramatic.

Vegeta Has No Penis

I gotta call BS on this one. If he has no penis how did Trunks happen? Well then again Bulma is smart. and kinda slutty sometimes.

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